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Don Olivo Chocolate Tour in Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

We’re located in  La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano Costa Rica.


Learn about Cacao Plantations and traditional Costa Rican Farm.

Don Olivo Chocolate Tour is a theme park in El Tanque de la fortuna,Arenal, in this tour we going to have a review about all products of Costa Rica and also the lifestyle of the all costa rican people.

Our main product is cocoa. However sugarcane, coffee, medicinal, fruit and occurs.
The visit to Don Olivo chocolate tour lasts about two hours in which you participate in the different processes of the products, which are characterized by tasting them.
The tour is given in English or Spanish, and is characterized by being very educational and historical value.

Cocoa product of great importance to many cultures mainly from South and Central America, has been used as food and religious practices of these cultures.
In developing mainly in Latin cultures, he was always cocoa, of one form or another for thousands of years.
Each region or country has been influenced differently by this food, or has been used with minor differences between one place or another.
Rightly called the fruit of the gods Cocoa plays a role of great nutritional importance in our culture also continues so until today.


  1. In the begining of the tour, we’re going to see the sugar cane plantation, and also we’re going to do the sugar cane process, and then, drink the sugar cane juice.
  2. We’re going to visit the medical plants garden, because Costa Rican people use to heal themselves.
  3. After medical plants, we’re going get into the cacao plantations in the trails which are absolutely flat able to elder people and people with disabilities.
  4. The tasting of the tropical fruits inside the cacao field.
  5. At the end, we going to be at the chocolate factory, to process the chocolate and eat the delicious chocolate.

Choose your time:    8:00 am – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm    DAYLY









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